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Vancasso Starry Dinnerware Sets in Various Set Sizes and Gradient Colors

Vancasso Starry Dinnerware Sets in Various Set Sizes and Gradient Colors

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This exquisite set of stoneware is available in a variety of set sizes serving 4/8/1212 guests. Each set comes in a variety of gradient colors.

4 dish types per set

  • Dinner plate
    • Diameter:  1 inches (28.1cm)
    • Height: 1.1 inch (3cm)
  • Salad plate
    • Diameter: 8.4 inches (21.5cm)
    • Height: 0.9 inch (2.3cm)
  • Bowl
    • Diameter: 7 inches (18cm)
    • Height: 2.2 inches (5.7cm)
  • Mug
    • Capacity: 12 oz(360ml)
    • Diameter including handle: 4.5 inches (11.5cm)
    • Height: 4.1 inches (10.5cm)

Set sizes

  • 16 piece - 4 of each dish type
  • 32 piece - 8 of each dish type
  • 48 piece - 12 of each dish type

Set Colors

  • Red / Light Blue Gradient [Red]
  • Light Green / White Gradient [Mix]
  • Dark Green [Green]
  • Dark Blue / Black [Blue]

About Series 'Starry'

Available in various gradient colors inspired by magnificent nebulas in space, hence the name starry. The glaze is naturally formed by the kiln firing, so there is a slight variation to the coloring for each piece. The craftsmanship of the special glaze distributes and mixes  the colors as a gradient for enhanced beauty.

Sturdy and Handmade

The glaze is smooth and delicate, The dark color system gradually transitions to the internal gradient system, and the color changes are soft and natural. The plate feels bumpy to the touch. The rim is not a pure circle and feels a little wavy, which gives them a vintage look back to years ago. They look luxurious and mysterious. The bottom is not glazed and is wear-resistant and non-slip.

Easily Stackable

Each plate is large enough hold a variety of food. The stacking ability of Vancasso plates increases space-efficiency. They stack easily and securely and  take up less room in the cupboard.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

An excellently handmade stoneware that elevates the pleasure of dinning at home. This dinnerware is quite solid and robust and will last long time. All items are microwave/freezer/oven/dishwasher friendly, so they are also very practical daily use.

Ideal Gift Option

A great choice for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, baby showers or holiday gift giving, especially Mother's Day.


  • Material: Stoneware
  • Finish: Glossy

Maintenance Tips

Proper care ensures the longevity and beauty of your vancasso dinnerware. Follow these tips to keep your set in the best condition.

1Keep It Dry for Longevity: To maintain the beauty and quality of your dinnerware, make sure all pieces are completely dry before storing.

2Soft Cloth: Use a soft cloth to gently wipe each piece, ensuring it's dry before storing.

3Ventilated Storage: Store your dinnerware in a well-ventilated cupboard or shelf to prevent moisture buildup.

4Smart Stacking: Stack your dinnerware carefully to avoid chipping or scratching. Use padding between each piece if possible.

5Regular Checks: Periodically inspect for signs of wear or damage. Clean or replace items as needed.

6:Mild Detergents: Stick to mild detergents to maintain the original colors and finish of your dinnerware.

7:Hand Wash Recommended: For delicate items or those with intricate designs, hand washing is advised.

8Temperature Caution: Avoid exposing your dinnerware to extreme temperatures, such as taking it directly from the refrigerator to the microwave.


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