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Flat Bottom Iron Wok, Multiple Sizes

Flat Bottom Iron Wok, Multiple Sizes

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Traditional Iron Pan

This wok is made of high-quality fine iron, forged in one piece with a professional forging machine, and has no coating. The forged wok is durable, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, healthy and delicious. 100% Chemical Free - No PFOA and PFTE.

Seasoned Wok

This pot is already seasoned, so you don't need to season it yourself. Professional forging masters treat the wok with high fire and high temperature after hand forging to achieve a better non-stick effect. Therefore, once the wok is received, no seasoning is required. Use it the first time after washing with warm water and detergent. After use, you need to wipe the water with a dry cloth to keep it dry and prevent rust.

Wok and Frying Pan

The bottom of our frying pan is flat and can be used with gas, electric and even induction stoves due to it being made of highly magnetic iron. It can be used for frying, boiling, stewing, roasting and steaming. Includes an anti-scald beech wood handle.

Multiple Sizes Available

  • 11.8in (30cm)
  • 12.6in (32cm)
  • 13.4in (34cm)


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